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Tourist guide of Nafpaktos; hotels-lodgings, restaurants, travel agencies, car rentals...

Nafpaktos, one of the most well known towns in Aetoloakarnania, 8 km from Antirioon road between Messologi (42km) and Athens 216 (km) During the Enets occupation was known as Lepanto. The Enets fortified Lepanto with its really beautiful castle 600 yers ago.

From the towering of Venetian Castle on the hill above the city you can see all of Nafpaktos. Its expansive beaches, pastel buildings set beside Venetian Walls, and veil of pine, palm, orange, and elm, make it one of the most beautiful cities of the Gulf of Corinth. Name of Nafpaktos comes from its ancient role as a ship-building naval colony - "nats"=ship + "pignymi"=to manufacture. Nafpaktos is a rewarding place to spend some time before crossing to Peloponesse. 

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