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Hellas Guide: About Us

Dimareli Network Solutions is the owner and operator of Hellas-Guide.com, the web's most popular English language Greek resource. Since the focus is on a region and not on any single topic, the scope of content includes everything from Business Opportunities and Trade, Travel and Adventure, History and Cultural Information, Living and Retirement Options.

Wide Ranging Content provides the individule user with a broad range of useful and up-to-date information. We host web pages for services in Greece, the kinds of services web users are most often looking for. Once you find what you're looking for, Hellas Guide provides for contact information or a direct link to the client's main Home Page where you can learn more about that service. 

Advertising Value is what we deliver to our many clients. With o lot of page views a month, Hellas Guide has established itself as the premier advertising venue on the web for businesses in or dealing with Greece. Our rates start at just $150 per year, learn more at our Rates and Services Information Directory. 

Businesses and entrepreneurs are invited to explore possible Business Opportunities with Hellas-Guide. We have a number of available positions for local representatives throughout Greece, as a Hellas Guide Value Added Resellers (VAR), who design and maintain web pages for businesses in their locale

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ROUMELIS 5, TK 14121
PHONE: +30 10 2824238

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