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  • Agathopes From this wide, clean, sandy beach near Dellagratsia you'll have a view of the islets of Strongylo and Skinoniss.
  • Azolimnos: A sandy beach [by the seaside settlement of the same name), just a short distance from Hermoupolis.
  • Ambela: You can drive [take the turn-off after Megas Yialos) or walk around the headland from Megas Yialos to get to this shady, sandy beach.
  • Armeos This beach is in a little sheltered cove, below the church of Agia Pakous, to the left of Galissas Beach (take the foot-path over the hill).
  • Achladi: A small, very charming beach, just past Vari. Delphini: There is a road now to this beautiful beach near Kini. Fabrika: Another sandy beach close to Vari.
  • Firo-Lagoni:- A picturesque spot, this sandy beach is near Azolimnos.
  • Finikas: This is the long sandy beach in the village of Finikas; there are plenty of cafes and tavernas nearby.
  • Galissas: Located in the busy tourist resort of the same name, this wide, sandy beach is very popular.
  • Kini: This beach in the graphic fishing village of Kini is famous for beautiful sunsets.
  • Kokkins: Just past Finikas , this beach has both sand and beautiful, sea-smoothed, pebbles.
  • Komito: This is an excellent, small beach about 1 km. south of Agathopes. Lotos: This little beach, in the village of Lotos, south of Kini, has both sand and pebbles.
  • Megas Yialos: The next big, sandy beach after Vari, picturesque Megas Yialos is sheltered from the north winds.
  • Santorinii: Take the sign-posted turn-off between Azolimnos and Vari and, after a short drive, you'll find this relaxing, sandy beach.
  • Poseidonia: This is the municipal beach of Poseidonia.
  • Sousouni: A mixture of sand and pebbles, this is a charming beach near Finikas. Vari: A very popular, wide, sandy beach.

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