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There aren't many places in the world where the forces of nature have come together with such dramatic results. Greece is, of course, the land of ancient sites and architectural treasures, the Acropolis in Athens, the Amphitheater of Epidaurus, and the reconstructed palace at Knossos.

By Clicking in the links below you will find what Frommer's consider to be the best of the best.

The Best Travel Experiences

  • Give yourself time to sit in a seaside, taverna and watch the fishing boats come and go. If you're visiting Greece in the spring, take the time to smell the flowers: the fields are covered with poppies and daisies. Even in Athens, you'll see hardy species growing through the cracks in concrete sidewalks—or better yet, visit Athens's ancient agora, which will be carpeted in a dazzling variety of wild flowers.

  • Though the Cyclades are bound by unmistakable family resemblance, each island has its own unique personality. Distances between islands are small, making travel by ferry pleasant and logistically straightforward (at least in principle). The element of uncertainty inherent to ferry timetables and all island events is part of the experience, and your vacation will be much less stressful if you don't plan too much in advance and allow yourself to "go with the flow." 
  • Going to Extremes: Persist against your body's and minds signals that "this is pushing too far" and seek out some obscure church or monastery such as Moni Agios Nikolaos outside Metsovo—to be rewarded by a moving encounter with the church and its caretaker. It can still happen—but you must overrule 
    common sense!

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