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Tourist guide of Syros (Siros) hotels-lodgings, restaurants, travel agencies, car rentals...

Syros, island is 83 nautical miles from Piraeus, and distance of 62 nautical miles from Rafina. Total area 86 sq. km.

Siros offers a rare opportunity to vacation as the Greeks do. Excellent food, a long tradition of the Greek popular music known as rembetika, glorious little-known beaches, and the most energetic island capital in the Cyclades are among its pleasures.

The northern part of Siros in mountainous and the island stands out in general for the variety of the landscape in its hinterland, where hills alternate with low-lying farming areas.
The island's best beaches are here, accessible only on foot or by boat. You can reach the spectacularly situated Cycladic site at Kastri by trail from here as well. San Mihali and kopanisti cheeses are made here, as well as a delicious thyme honey; all of these can be found in the Ermoupolis open-air market.
The coastline is indented with inlets of all sizes between capes. There are two large bays, of Ermoupoli to the east and Finikas to the west. Archaeological excavations have shown that Siros was inhabited in Neolithic times.

Digs at Kastri and Halandriani have revealed a prehistoric acropolis, a settlement and a burial ground, and yielded artefacts of the Early Cycladic period.
Ermoupoli, 'Queen of the Cyclades', is the capital and main harbour of Siros. It is also without doubt the capital of all the Cyclades. Ermoupoli stands on a naturally amphitheatrically site, with neo-classical buildings, old mansions and white houses in the island style cascading down to the harbor.

In the 19th century, Ermoupoli was the busiest port in Greece, far busier than Piraeus, and a center of shipbuilding. You'll see several surviving shipyards along the harbor. Signs of the island's former affluence are concentrated in the vicinity of the harbor, where neoclassical mansions abut the rocky waterfront and grandiose public buildings line spacious squares. Although Ermoupolis saw a considerable period of design in the 20th century, recent restoration efforts have brought back much of the glory of the city's heyday; several of the most elaborate mansions have been restored as homes and others have been converted to hotels and guest houses. Other signs of urban revival are a busy calendar of lively public events and some of the best food in the Cyclades.

The centre of the town, where Miaouli Square stands ringed with cafes, has a grandeur all its own. Among the most important buildings are the Town Hall (to plans by Ziller) and the Apollo Municipal Theatre, which is a copy in miniature of La Scala, Milan. There is also a statue of Admiral Miaoulis.

The best months to visit Siros are May, June, July, and September; On the August, when vacationing Greeks fill every hotel room on the island is very difficult to get any accommodation. Getting around this small island by bus is so easy and convenient that you may not need a car or moped.

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