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Tourist guide of Rhodes (Rodos); hotels-lodgings, restaurants, travel agencies, car rentals...

When somebody visits Rhodes for the first time, aware of the myth that sets her as the home of
Helios, the sun god, they can’ t help but start with a good – or at least a favourable – disposition
towards the island. And, in due course, when it is time to leave again, and by now in love with the
place, no one can claim – or at least no one so far has – that this love affair has to do with anything
other than the result of yet another mythical liaison which claims that Rhodes is none other than the
child of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Simply put, the visitor’ s love for the island is the result of a
relationship that was just bound to end like this, because Rhodes, the whole island, seduces in a
series of inevitable ways, causing even the most dispassionate visitor at last, to fall. Hellas Guide
answer some of your most important travel questions:

How do I get in Rhodes?
What to visit when I 'm here?
What is the currency and exchange rate?



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