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Rhodes is the biggest island of the Dodecanese. It lies at the south-eastern corner of the Aegean, opposite the coast of Asia Minor, about 11 miles away. It has an area of 1398 square kilometres, being 79.7 km long and 38 km wide.

The city of Rhodes is the capital of the Dodecanese Prefecture, a group of islands formerly known as the Southern Sporades. The name “Dodecanese” (Twelve Islands), although finally prevailing, does not correspond to the actual number of islands making up the Prefecture, there being many more than twelve.

The island of Rhodes is divided, following a recent by-law linking villages and communities, into ten municipalities. Apart from the Municipality of Rhodes, the others are Ialysos, Kalithea, Petaloudes, Kamiros, Attavyros, Southern Rhodes, Afandou, Archangelos and Lindos.

More than 100,000 people live on the island (98,181 according to the 1991 census), most of whom live in the city of Rhodes, although they may be registered in other communities. According to the 1991 census, the city has 43,598 inhabitants but there is evidence that the permanent population of the city is over 60,000.

The administrative district of the city includes two outlying communities, Kritika and Sgourou (or Asgouroy). The city has an area of 2,588.4 hectares and the city plan covers 739.12 hectares. In the next few years this is to be extended by 178.3 hectares to include new districts.

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