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By Clicking in the links below you will find what Frommer's consider to be the best of the best.

The Best Beaches of Greece

Nafplio (Peloponnese): After a vigorous and tiring day of sightseeing, this small municipal beach can seem like the best in Greece. Handy changing rooms and showers make this a great place for a quick break between exploring the ruins at Mycenae and heading off to take in a play at Epidaurus.

Plaka (Naxos, Cyclades): Naxos has the longest stretches of sea sand in the Cyclades, and Plaka is the most beautiful and pristine beach on the island. A 3-mile stretch of mostly undeveloped shoreline, you could easily imagine yourself here as Robinson Crusoe in his island isolation. If you need abundant amenities and a more active social scene, you can always head north to Agia Anna or Agios Prokopios.

Paradise (Mikonos, Cyclades): Paradise is the quintessential party beach, known for wild revelry that continues through the night. An extensive complex built on the beach includes a bar, taverna, changing rooms, and souvenir shops. This is a place to see and be seen, a place to show off muscles laboriously acquired during the long winter months. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the pure unrestrained hedonism on which Mikonos has built its international reputation.

Grammata (Siros, Cyclades): Grammata possesses all the elements of a vision of 
paradise. The small beach is enclosed by a lush oasis of palm trees at the outlet 
of a natural spring, sheltered and hidden by a rocky promontory extending into 
the bay. The beach is only accessible on foot or by boat, so it's rarely crowded. 
Lalaria Beach (Skiathos, Sporades): This gleaming white pebble beach boasts vivid aquamarine water and white limestone cliffs, with natural arches cut into them by the elements. Lalaria is not nearly as popular nor accessible as Skiathos famous Koukounaries, which is one of the reasons why it's still gorgeous and pristine.

Megalo Seitani (Samos, Northeastern Aegean): Megalo Seitani and its neighbor, Micro Seitani, are situated on the mountainous and remote northwest coast of Samos. There aren't any roads to this part of the island, so the only way to reach the beaches is a short boat ride or a rather long (and beautiful) hike. You won't regret taking the trouble, since both beaches are superb: Micro Seitanis crescent of pebbles in a rocky cove, and Megalo Seitani's expanse of pristine sand.

Vroulidia (Chios, Northeastern Aegean): White sand, a cliff-rimmed cove, and a 
remote location at the southern tip of the island of Chios combine to make this one of the most exquisite small beaches in the Northeastern Aegean. The rocky coast conceals many cove beaches similar to this one, and it's rare for them to become crowded.

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